How Can I Manage Blasts Using COMMSPlus To Avoid Memory Constraints

Note: The following work around is not the intended functionality of the system. If you use this work around you are exposing your data to risk. This process is outside of the scope of the software suite and as such BlastIQ Support does not officially support the work around. 

Blast Templates

In SHOTPlus you can design a large blast in 'chunks'. The recommended way to do this is to define a blast template and use it to create each chunk. Or you can use File / New and start each chunk from scratch. Either approach will ensure that each chunk is given a different blast ID. This is essential. Each chunk must have a different blast ID otherwise DIPPlus cannot distinguish between them.

Once data has been captured in each file chunk, the SHOTPlus files will need to be merged to form the entire blast. 

Note: You cannot break an existing blast into chunks by deleting some holes and saving it under a different file name! This does not change the blast ID.

Example Scenario

Blast1A has been designed and the engineer has identified the blast size as being too large for DIPPlus and COMMSPlus to support due to the available memory limits of Windows Mobile. The engineer will divide Blast1A into three smaller SHOTPlus files. 

To divide the blasts into individual files the engineer will copy segments from the Master Blast File (Blast1A). They will then create a new SHOTPlus file named Blast1A-A. The Engineer will then paste the first copied chunk into the new file. 

This process is repeated until the Master Blast File is divided into smaller files capturing all of the required blast data. 

Master Blast File Blast1A = Blast1A-A, Blast1A-B, and Blast1A-C. 

Each of these files will be served individually to the DIPPlus units via COMMSPlus. Once the data has been captured in each of the respective sub files in SHOTPlus we can merge (Screenshot below) the files back into the Master Blast File completing the task. 

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