Capturing Strata Intercepts

Page 5 of the dipping data entry panel lets you specify the depths at which the blasthole intersects the rock strata or coal seam defined in SHOTPlus

The names of the starta and their top and bottom horizons are defined in SHOTPlus under Edig / Blast Properties / Strata definitions:


The even-numbered horizons contain the names of the strata that you see in DIPPlus. 

SHOTPlus will assign default intercepts to a blasthole if top or bottom horizon surfaces have been defined and they intersect the blasthole. You can view these intercept values that have been entered into DIPPlus or directly into the Strata/Profile tab. To edit the values, tick 'Use manual intercepts' on this tab.


If you enter intercept values in DIPPlus and then export the blast to SHOTPlus, this is where your changes can be seen. The Histories button will let you inspect the history of intercept values that have been entered into DIPPlus or directly into the Strata/Profile tab.

Note: In SHOTPlus, undefined intercepts are denoted by either -1000 or 1000, whereas in DIPPlus undefined intercepts are displayed as empty values.

In DIPPlus, select the stratum you want by tapping the up and down buttons dp4.png in the top-right corner of the swipe panel. These buttons move up or down the strata within the blasthole.


The top and bottom intercepts associated with the stratum are displayed and can be edited by using the +/- buttons or the on-screen keypad.

The Revert button lets you undo any changes you've made to the intercepts before you change hole or close the data entry screen. Once the data has been saved, you cannot undo your changes. If you need to correct a mistake, simply replace any incorrect values with the correct ones.

To delete an intercept, use the backspace key on the on-screen keyboard to erase the contents of the text box.

To delete the contents of both intercept boxes at once, tap the Delete button. If you delete intercepts by accident, tap Revert before you save your changes.

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