Merging New holes from SHOTPlus

If new holes have been added to the blast design in SHOTPlus, you can easily merge them with the data that has already been imported into DIPPlus. To do this, close the blast view by tapping the dp2.png button on the toolbar and then tap the IMPORT button. Remember to start SHOTPlus's comms server!


You can also import data into a blast file from a BML file, as long as the file contains data from the same parent blast. To do this, tap Menu / File / Import From File, and choose the file you wish to import. The file must be located in My Documents or in a subfolder of it.

Note: You cannot delete or change the label, hole type, diameter or design depth of new holes that have been created in SHOTPlus and then merged into DIPPlus.


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