Adding New Holes

You can add individual holes to a blast from within DIPPlus. This feature lets you draw the new hole on the blast plan in its approximate location and set its hole label, hole type, diameter and design depth. You can also copy the values of these properties from an existing hole in the blast.

To add new holes, choose Menu / Edit / Add Holes from the graphical view.


On entering 'add holes' mode, the blast background will be displayed in a pale yellow colour and the message 'ADDING HOLES' will be displayed in the bottom left corner.


In the 'add holes' mode, you can still zoom and pan the blast but most of the usual menu operations are disabled. Instead, you now have the ability to add single holes to the blast interactively.

After creating a new hole, you can edit its properties or delete it from the blast but only before you exit 'add holes' mode.

The dipping path toolbar buttons are replaced with the following new button when 'add holes' mode is active:

dp10.png Add a new hole to the blast.

To add a new hole to the blast:

1. Zoom or pan the view so that you can see the area of the blast where the new hole needs to be added.

2. Tap on the dp10.png button on the toolbar.

3. Hold the stylus or your finger down anywhere on the blast plan. A new hole, coloured pink, will be created and you can drag it around. Its X and Y coordinates will be displayed in red at the top of the screen.


4. Drag the new hole to its approximate location on the blast and then lift the stylus or your finger off the screen. You will now be prompted to enter some information about the hole.

5. Enter a label for the new blasthole. If you have added a new hole previously then the label field will be populated automatically with the next label in the sequence. For example, if the previous new hole was called E1 then the suggested label for the next hole will be E2.


You can copy hole properties from another hole in the blast. By default, the nearest hole to the location of the new one is selected in the 'Copy from' list. Tap the Copy From button to copy the selected hole's properties. You can of course enter the new hole's properties manually, or edit the copied values.

6. Tap OK to accept the new hole or Cancel to abort the operation.

7. To add another hole, go back to step 2. 

If you want to edit or delete a newly-created hole, this must be done before you exit 'add holes' mode. See below for details.

When you have finished adding new holes, tap the dp11.pngbutton on the toolbar (or choose Menu / Edit / Done Adding Holes). DIPPlus will ask you to confirm that you want to add the new holes to the blast. If you proceed, you will no longer be able to edit or delete them.


Editing or Deleting New Holes

After creating a new hole, you have the option of editing its properties or deleting it from the blast.

To edit or delete a newly-created hole, hold the stylus or your finger down on the hole and choose an option from the popup menu.


Note: You can only edit or delete new holes before you exit 'add holes' mode.

Note: You cannot move a new hole. to change a new hole's location, you must delete it and then create a new one with the same properties in a new location.

Note: You cannot edit or delete new holes that have been created in SHOTPlus and then merge into DIPPlus.

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