How Can I Stop DIPPlus Running Out of Memory

Note: This article is for using DIPPlus and SHOTPlus only.


It isn't possible to stop the units running out of memory. In Windows Mobile there is a maximum limit (32MB) on the amount of RAM that each running process can use. If you are working with large blasts, DIPPlus may hit this limit. If this happens, DIPPlus cannot recover and it must close. (However, this FAQ tells you how to recover any data you have entered since you opened the blast.) You can try to reduce the likelihood that DIPPlus will run out of memory when working with large blasts, but your options are limited and they are not foolproof:

  • Close the blast and quit DIPPlus at the end of the day. Don't leave DIPPlus running overnight with the blast open.
  • Reboot the device before restarting DIPPlus.

The only reliable way to avoid running out of memory is to work with smaller files. There are two ways you can do this: (a) use blast templates in SHOTPlus to design your blast in smaller parts or (b) export some of the blastholes to one DIPPlus unit and other blastsholes to another unit.


Blast Templates

In SHOTPlus you can design a large blast in 'chunks'. The recommended way to do this is to define a blast template (e.g. containing survey data that will be common to all chunks) and use it to create each chunk. Or you can use File / New and start each chunk from scratch. Either approach will ensure that each chunk is given a different blast ID. This is essential. Each chunk must have a different blast ID otherwise DIPPlus cannot distinguish between them.

Note: You cannot break an existing blast into chunks by deleting some holes and saving it under a different file name! This does not change the blast ID.


Export Selected Holes Only

Normally, when you export a blast to DIPPlus, SHOTPlus will include all blastholes in the export. In SHOTPlus v5.4 build 3 or later, it is possible to export only the currently selected holes to DIPPlus. This gives you some control over the amount of data that gets exported to your DIPPlus unit. To enable this feature, click Edit / Blast Properties, select BML Import/Export, and tick 'Selected holes only'.



Then, select a subset of the holes in the blast before you tap IMPORT on your DIPPlus unit. Only the selected holes will be sent to DIPPlus. Repeat this process with a different subset of holes after disconnecting the first DIPPlus unit and connecting another one.

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