Configuring SHOTPlus for use with DIPPlus

To support DIPPlus, some options have been added to SHOTPlus. You may need to alter these to reflect your working practices before you begin using DIPPlus.

Hole States

In the course of delivering a blast, each blasthole will go through several states. These states are:

  • Designed
  • Dipped
  • Released for Loading
  • Loaded

A blasthole will change from 'designed' to 'dipped' automatically when SHOTPlus receives dipping data for it (either from DIPPlus or entered via SHOTPlus's hole table). You can specify what measurements need to be entered to cause this change to occur. The choices are:

  • Only the hole depth needs to be measured
  • Only the hole temperature needs to be measured
  • Both ole depth and temperature need to be measured

This choice is made under 'Hole states' in the blast properties or program options:


The change from 'dipped' to 'release for loading' is applied manually prior to the blastholes being charged (but see below).

The change from 'released for loading' to 'loaded' is automatic, when SHOTPlus receives charging data from DIPPlus.


Temperature Thresholds


In SHOTPlus, you can set the warm, hot and extreme temperature thresholds on a blast-by-blast basis. These thresholds (which are set on the 'Hole states' preferences page) will be used by DIPPlus when you import a basic design.


Release for Loading

The 'Hole states' preferences page in SHOTPlus contains an option to 'Export all holes regardless of released state'. If this option is unticked then SHOTPlus will export charging design information to DIPPlus only for blastholes that have been put into the 'released for loading' state. If the option is ticked then SHOTPlus will export charging design information for all blastholes regardless of their state.

You should leave this option unticked if Orica is responsible for blasting Quality Control. Requiring dip measurements to be imported into SHOTPlus before charging designs can be exported is an important part of ensuring that blasts are delivered in accordance with the design. It ensures that (a) charging designs are based on the actual as-drilled condition of the blastholes and (b) the blast designer and/or customer has had an opportunity to confirm that all required quality and safety checks have been completed before the loading instructions are passed onto the blast crew.




Product Export

You can choose the range of products that are exported to DIPPlus. The default is to export only those products that are mentioned in the blast's loading rules. To change this, select the 'BML import/eport preferences page:


Selecting the second option will cause SHOTPlus to export all products mentioned in the loading rules AND all products marked as available under Edit / Available Resources.

The third option will cause SHOTPlus to export all products mentioned in the loading rules AND a list of other manually chosen resources. Click 'Edit resource list' to choose the additional products to export.

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