DIPPlus license types

A DIPPlus license key has a number of 'switches' encoded into it that can be used to activate features within the software.

For example, access to DIPPlus's blasthole charging functionality is controlled by a license switch. If this switch is activated, your license is said to be a charging license and you will be able to make use of the dipping and charging related features in DIPPlus. If the switch is not activated, you will have access only to the dipping-related features of the software.

License switches are set automatically by the licence server when you request a key from within the DIPPlus Installer.


Basic License

basic or dipping-only license gives you access to features in DIPPlus that are related to blasthole dipping and barcode scanning. These features are accessed via the DIP button in DIPPlus You can enter measurements of blasthole depth, water and temperature, and you can scan barcodes, but you cannot enter any charging-related quantities. Access to charging-related functionality is not possible if you only have a basic license.


Charging License

charging license gives you everything included in the basic license but additionally it allows you to use DIPPlus's charging-related features, such as viewing the charging design for each blasthole and entering as-loaded information for each deck. These features are accessed via the CHARGE button.




Beta License

Another licence switch controls whether a user is able to run a beta version of DIPPlus. If you wish to install the beta version, please contact the Support Team at blastiqsupport@orica.com.

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