DIPPlus Licensing System


Note: Only Orica personnel will be able to use the DIPPlus installer to generate license keys. Non-Orica personnel will need to contact blastiqsupport@orica.com to obtain a licence key.


To obtain a license key for DIPPlus, you must first obtain approval from you regional BBS Manager.

The intent behind the usage policy of DIPPlus is to help differentiate Orica's on-bench services, specifically our Total Loading Service. Delivery of blasting solutions to customers requires control of the quality of the on-bench environment. DIPPlus is designed to integrate with SHOTPlus, thereby allowing Orica's Technical Services and Operations teams to work together in the delivery of blasting outcomes to customers. 

Access to DIPPlus will be determined by the level of service that is being provided to the customer. In particular, the use of the blasthole charging features in DIPPlus is limited to higher level service offerings, such as TLS or Advanced BBS.


Summary of the DIPPlus Licensing System

  • You will need prior approval to install DIPPlus via your regional BBS Manager.
  • Your regional BBS Manager will decide what level of DIPPlus functionality is permitted at your site. This depends on the service offering being provided there.
  • There are two levels of functionality: Basic (dipping only) and Charging
  • If the use of DIPPlus is approved at your site, the regional blasting services manager must send an email to blastiqsupport@orica.com to inform the support team that you are permitted to install DIPPlus. In the email, they must state your Orica user ID and the level of functionality (Basic or Charging) that you have been granted.
  • BlastIQ Support personnel will then configure the license server to allow the appropriate type of license key to be issued to you automatically when you install DIPPlus. 
  • You can then install DIPPlus by running the DIPPlus Installer.


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