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Viewer task Kliponious-green-tick-300px.png tick.png tick.png

Contributor task

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Edit site information     tick.png tick.png

Create and edit points of interest:

 - upload points of interest from a SHOTPlus file

 - create points of interest in BlastIQ

 - configure environmental monitors

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Create new blasts     tick.png tick.png

Edit the blast details:

 - details

 - name

 - notes

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Upload SHOTPlus file     tick.png tick.png
Edit blast properties     tick.png tick.png

Record blast measures:

 - blast measures

 - environmental measures

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Complete the job pack:

 - mark items as complete

 - add comments to job pack fields

 - job pack file uploads

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Use the documents manager:

 - new folder creation

 - folder relocation

 - rename folder

 - folder deletion

 - upload a file using documents manager

 - download a file using documents manager

 - move a file using documents manager

 - delete a file using documents manager

 - make a file confidential using documents manager

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Use the images library     tick.png tick.png
Use the videos library     tick.png tick.png

General site configuration:

 - add site members

 - optional features

 - confidential blast information

 - blast type descriptors

 - blast measures


Create a job pack definition:

 - configuring to upload a job pack item from file

 - configuring to upload a job pack item from SHOTPlus

 - configuring to manually enter a job pack item


Configure site map:

 - define site map coordinate system

 - upload a map overlay

 - select a default site map view

Add news articles to site page       tick.png
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