Initial Access to BlastIQ for Orica Users


1. You will receive a “Welcome to BlastIQ” email, containing a webpage link, username and temporary password.


Hello  ,  

Welcome to BlastIQ.   

  1. Please visit us at


  1. Select Orica Accounts



  1. Log in using your Orica Email Address and your Orica Network Password




  1. Choose and set your password. Note that you will need to change this password every three months.


 Thank you, and we hope you enjoy using BlastIQ.

 BlastIQ Support Team



2. Select the Orica accounts log-in box.


3. Orica uses Microsoft to manage their user authorization for the BlastIQ system. You will be redirected to a secure Microsoft webpage. Enter your Orica email address and windows password, place a tick in the ‘keep me signed in’ box, and select sign in.


4. The Terms and Conditions will be displayed the first time you log in only. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions to proceed to the BlastIQ home screen.

5. If you are not presented with any sites at this stage, please contact your local site administrator for access.

6. Please bookmark the BlastIQ site.

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