How to find the log files for Blasters desktop

 Applies to Blasters Desktop v1.8.0.3 on.

Blasters Desktop will be referred to as BDT from here on.


1. If a problem is experienced with the BDT software, access to the log files by the BlastIQ Support team will assist to accurately identify the problem.

2. Open BDT and select Help – Log File – Find log file .



3. Windows explorer will open. The log files are typically located in this directory. D:\ProgramData\Orica\BlastersDesktop.


4. Select the following three log files.

  • Application log
  • Session.log
  • Session.prev.log



5. You can choose to save these files to a folder of your choice and email from there or continue with this guide to email directly from explorer.


6. While all three files are selected right-click the mouse and choose Send to – Mail recipient.




7. Your email program will open. Email the files along with a description of the steps taken prior the problem occurring and any other information you feel relevant to







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