Proxy Settings for Blaster's Desktop & Orica Applications

Note: Blaster's Desktop is for Orica internal Employees only.

Related Issues:

  • Blaster's Desktop is not loading all Orica applications

  • Blaster's Desktop does not recognize you as an Orica Employee on Orica Network when trying to activate SHOTPlus or any other Orica Products

  • Unable to download the applications.



Orica Network:

Please make sure that you are connected to the Orica network either at a site or via the VPN

  1. Click OK on the error message. 
  2. Click Program Settings 

  3. Click Change Proxy 

  4. Select "Auto-detect proxy" and Click OK 

  5. Close Blaster's Desktop

  6. Delete the Internet folder at "C:\ProgramData\Orica\Internet" on some machines this folder may be located at D Drive "D:\ProgramData\Orica\Internet"

  7. Run the Blaster's Desktop

Blaster's Desktop's Title will say "for registered users"


 Non-Orica Network:

  • Connect to Orica network using VPN (Pulse Secure)
  • Follow Steps as mentioned above
  • Restart Blaster's Desktop

Note: To open Proxy Settings from within SHOTPlus please follow below procedure

  1. Open SHOTPlus, Click Edit
  2. Click Program Settings
  3. Select Online Services
  4. Click Change Proxy
  5. Select "Auto detect proxy" and Click OK
  6. Click "Test Connect" and Click OK
  7. Restart SHOTPlus


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