How to Install and Activate Orica software from Blasters Desktop for Orica Employees


NOTE: A product key is NOT required from BlastIQ Support for Orica Employees using Blasters Desktop. It is recommended that all Orica Employees install Blasters Desktop to manage Orica Software activation and licencing.


You must be connected to the Orica network while progressing through these steps. (either onsite or via VPN)


1 - Download and install the latest version of Blasters Desktop from the Blaster's Desktop page.

2 - Open Blasters Desktop and find the required software


3 - Click on the install button to install the software. Click OK when prompted.


4 - Once software installed, go to the "Activations and keys" tab in Blasters Desktop. If the software hasn’t automatically activated, click the activate button. The software will now be ready to use. 


NOTE: Please see this article on Proxy Settings for Blaster's Desktop if you are unable to view all Orica Software OR Blaster's Desktop is not recognizing you as an Orica Employee.

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